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Welcome to the everything art shop!

We create accessories to spark your creativity, support your art process and help you express your inner artist. 

Explore the Collection...

Browse through products and choose your favourite new accessory to accompany you during your creative process. We will be expanding the collections and adding new products in the coming weeks. 

All About Us

Everything Art was established by Kasia and Jamie Avery in 2015 with one clear goal in mind - to get as many people as possible to know and do art journaling. And this is what we focus on until this day. We create courses, offerings and products that help you discover your inner artist.


We're based in Derbyshire, England but our courses and products have been enjoyed by over 30,000 people all over the world. 


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Explore our online courses and offerings:

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Our best selling year-long course in mixed-media art journaling.

Hundreds of free resources for art journalers and collage artists.

Our comprehensive guide to colour theory for mixed-media artists.


21a St John Street




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